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When Flat Matters

There are an endless number of American Industries that rely on metal fabrications to complete their products.  AUP proudly partners with a wide variety of industries to ensure the sheet metals they use are free from defect. AUP flattens, levels and buffs your coils into sheets that meet your exacting requirements.


Big or small, truckers haul it all . . . with well-built trailers.  Flatbeds, drop decks, dump trucks . . . there are an endless variety of trailers on the road today.  AUP delivers the metal sheets our trailer manufacturing clients require, with the flatness demanded by their specific project.  AUP has been supplying the trailer industry since we began in 2003.


Tankers are impressive bulk transport ships.  Their size and design demand enormous quantities of metal sheets that are clear of defect and ready to incorporate into the build.  AUP has been working with tanker manufacturers to ensure their precise requirements are met for over 15 years.  Highest quality materials keep both the product and operators safe.


From small fishing boats to enormous cruise ships, there are a lot of seafaring transports to be constructed.  You know the adage for BOATs Bust Out Another Thousand?  Well, AUP helps marine manufacturers AVOID busting out another thousand by getting the maximum use out of their metal coils.  Our unique processes enable our marine manufacturers to maximize their materials by removing coil stress defects.  AUP provides the flat metal sheets necessary to make the safest marine transports.


Few images represent the industrious American spirit more than an engine pulling a long train of railcars.  The railway industry has been an essential part of the development of the United States since 1827.  AUP has proudly partnered with manufacturers in the railway industry to ensure their railcars of produced from the highest quality metal sheets.  AUP helps keep America moving.


Airplanes, rockets, and space shuttles must be engineered with flawless precision and materials.  AUP knows the demands of this industry and steps up to the challenge.  Our engineering team is committed to understanding the precise needs of our aerospace clients.  In turn, AUP provides the metal sheets with the exact flatness requirements each project demands.


Cut to Length Aluminum Sheets
American Utility Processing

Materials We Work With

AUP works with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  We offer leveling and correction services of primary and secondary metals.  Our high standard of quality ensures customer satisfaction.

AUP offers roller leveling and stretch leveling for both aluminum and stainless-steel coils.  Our roller leveling machines are capable of leveling coils up to 72”.  Our stretch leveling machines can level coils up to 96”.   Additionally, AUP offers precision leveling and buffing services.

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