About American Utility Processing Aluminum and Stainless Steel Processing

Based in Ohio, American Utility Processing (AUP) specializes in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous coiled materials.
 We are committed to offering leveling and correction services of primary and secondary metals at a high standard of quality
unmatched by conventional standards.

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AUP Services Keep American Industries Moving

There are an endless number of American Industries that rely on metal fabrications to complete their products.  AUP proudly partners with a wide variety of industries to ensure the sheet metals they use are free from defect. AUP flattens, levels and buffs your coils into sheets that meet your exacting requirements.

Contact our team today for your free quote.  Please complete our contact form or call us directly at (330) 535-3000   AUP provides consultation that ensures we understand the needs of your specific project.  We provide you with a quote that promises to be precise and clear.