Professional Sheet Metal Buffing, Shearing andSlitting services by AUP

American Utility Processing offers sheet metal buffing, shearing, and slitting services.
Let AUP get your sheet metal “project-ready” for your downstream processing.

Buffing Services by AUP

AUP offers buffing services for your sheet metal surfaces to smooth and improve appearances. Buffing can contribute to an even flatter, defect-free surface. Take advantage of our in-house buffing and get the project-ready sheet metal your projects demand.

AUP sheet metal buffing lines can accommodate widths up to 96” and lengths up to 480”.  With state-of-the-art controls and custom-built buffing heads, our lines ensure optimum buff finish and consistency.

Cut to Length Aluminim & Stainless Steel Sheets

Gauge Range  0.125-0.375

Width Range  48″ – 96″ W

Length Range  48″ –  480″ L

Please inquire as needed for any additional requests outside of  above listed parameters.

Buffing capabilities

Shearing Services by AUP

Slitting Services by AUP

Need to cut your wide coils into narrow widths? We have the machine and the manpower to make that happen.  Slitting your material to the width that fits your project reduces scrap and moves your project faster to the finish line.

AUP now offers sheet metal slitting. Our slitting processes includes coil edge trimming, coil slitter with an in-line roller leveler, and coil breakdown.

American Utility Processing Services

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