Who We Are

Launched in 2003 and based in Ohio, American Utility Processing (AUP) specializes in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous coiled materials. We are committed to o¬ffering leveling and correction services of primary and secondary metals at a quality standard unmatched by conventional methods. Our unique processing abilities, process controls, and value-added services result in increased customer satisfaction and supply chain performance.

Why Choose AUP?

Is flatness critical for your application?  Tired of sheets not staying flat?  Trying to reduce losses? Are you in need of a quick turnaround? Looking for better customer service? If the answer is “yes,” then partnering with American Utility Processing is a STRATEGIC IMPERATIVE.

With our Stretcher and Roller Leveling cut-to-length lines, multiple Buffing lines, Precision Re-leveling line, and a 102" heavy gage Slitting line, we are able to process a wide assortment of metals.

Housed in over 100,000 square feet of facility space with a planned expansion of 40,000 square-feet, we reinvest, not only in our plant, but also in state-of-the-art equipment and experienced personnel, to ensure that we continue to provide the best service and quality to our customers.


Backed by our experienced personnel, our unique processing equipment and exceptional quality control standards, we are able to offer premium services to our customers. To help ensure zero customer field claims, we maintain tight process controls and provide our customers with feedback so you can “see what we see” prior to any material leaving our facility. AUP is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Quick Turnaround and Delivery

Our team strives to ensure customer promise dates are met. In addition, our internal logistics team can assist with faster delivery of processed materials.

Coil Shape Correction, Sheet Stress Relief, Flatness Matters!

Our processing lines improve coil quality by mitigating camber, oil canning, arbor breaks, edge wave and center buckle. Our unique stretch sequencing and precision leveling services reduce or eliminate internal stresses that cause spring back in coil, sheet, and flat parts. Traditional leveling can improve flatness up to 150/200 l-Units (wave peak to peak flatness measurement) and our stretch leveling can improve flatness up to 3OO0 l-Units. Eliminating material stresses and ensuring flatness allows for easier shearing, punching, laser cutting, forming and welding. There is less scrap and less customer machine down time!

Eliminate Trapped Sheet Stresses and Coil Shape Problems

Our unique stretcher line eliminates internal sheet stresses that cause springback.  So shearing, punching, laser cutting, forming, and welding sheet is much easier. Our unique stretching sequence also eliminates coil quality defects including camber, arbor breaks, oil canning, edge wave and centerbuckle.

Reduction in Scrap Loss

Our special stretching sequence can correct prime and secondary coil conditions, outperforming most other leveling technologies. This results in lower scrap losses by reducing or eliminating defects that normally would need to be cut away.

Slitting/Edge Trimming

Our slitting line is one of the widest in the country and can process heavier gage materials. Paired with our other services, partnering with AUP will streamline your supply chain.

Buffing Services

Our buffing lines can accommodate widths up to 96˝ and lengths up to 480˝. The unique buffing heads and advanced controls are versatile, which ensures a consistent buffed finish that matches specific customer requirements.

Ancillary Services

AUP offers its’ customers Scrap Management, Quality Control Monitoring/Feedback, Customized Packaging, and Storage.

Exceptionally Flat and Square Sheets

Roller levelers can improve shape form by 150/200 I units.  Stretch levelers can make shape improvements by up to 3000 I units. We have both capabilities, so no matter what your requirement, AUP will meet/exceed your expectations.