AUP Question & Answer: FLAT IS WHERE IT’S AT

Who uses AUP services?

Many industries use AUP.  We commonly work with aerospace, marine, trailer, and railcar manufacturers.  We partner with any industry where flatness is critical to their application.  Materials refined by AUP provide our clients with the material they need to produce a premier product.  Our exclusive process eliminates stresses in metal coils and makes shearing, punching, laser cutting, forming, and welding sheet much easier

Do AUP’s services eliminate spring back?

Does AUP offer delivery services?

Yes. With AUP truck carrier services we can assist you with faster delivery of processed materials.

Can AUP help reduce our scrap rate?

Do I need an appointment to pick-up or drop-off our materials?

No appointment necessary. We tend to both deliveries and pick-ups on a
first-come first-serve basis.

Where is AUP located?

What are AUP's shipping and receiving hours?

How can I get a quote from AUP?