Precision Metal Leveling for Metal Sheets, Plates and Cut Parts with AUP

American Utility Processing is your best partner for high precision metal leveling needs. Ensure your downstream projects are free from defect by eliminating “pop or spring back” with our unique sheet metal leveling system.

Metal sheets, plates and cut parts can suffer varying degrees of internal stress defects.  Particularly after processes such as punching, laser or plasma cutting.  These sheets are often out-of-flat and may have issues such as spring back, crossbow or coil-set internal stress.  Such defects impair the efficiency of downstream processing.  As such, precision leveling with AUP is essential to your production.

Avoid Out-Of-Flat with Precision Metal Leveling

Let’s Get You Back to Flat

precision Leveling

Sheet Plate & Cut Parts

Material Process

Reduce Stress & Flateness


6.30″ – 78.00″


0.05 – 1.00″


6.30″ – 288.00″

Material Defects

Crossbow,Coil-Set & Internal Stress